Speculation From Torque News About the 2016 Fireball Camaro

Torque News Write Up Blaming Track Closures for More 2016 Camaros Not Making 9s

Torque News did a fun writeup on the Fireball including a list out of (most) of the mods. The author also suggested that weather and track closures may be the reason there aren’t more 2016 Camaros hitting our fast 9s numbers.

“Keep in mind that right now, many of the drag strips around the United States are closed for winter. Once we get into the early spring and tracks along the east coast open up for 2016, I would expect to see an explosion of crazy-quick 6th gen Camaros showing up all over the internet.”

I guess only time will tell. The upside to our head start is that all our track time has allowed our performance team to learn, test and harden our modifications so we can sell the Fireball package to end customers as a proven road & track-tested platform.

Thanks to Patrick Rall for his coverage of the Fireball. Read the full article.