History Lesson – The Uncertain Origins Of The Chevrolet Bowtie Emblem

The Chevrolet emblem, a bowtie-shape that marks every Chevy, was introduced by company co-founder William C. Durant in late 1913. It’s one of the most recognized emblems in the world today. But how it came to represent the brand is anyone’s guess.

Original Chevrolet Emblem

Durant himself said it was inspired by the wallpaper design in a Parisian hotel.

Durant’s daughter said it was a dinner table doodle.

The questions and conflicting accounts  don’t end there.

Some suggested it came from a newspaper ad for a coal company and others suggested it came from a foreign flag.

Whichever origin is true, within a few years, the bowtie would emerge as the definitive Chevrolet emblem. An October 2, 1913, edition of The Washington Post seems to be the earliest-known example of the symbol being used to advertise the brand.

“Look for this nameplate” the ad says above the emblem.

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