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LSX Magazine: 720 Horsepower For Less Than $50K

Authorized Fireball Camaro Dealers for the Fireball 700 & 900

Fireball’s 720 horsepower Camaro is making an impression within the automotive industry. We’re excited that some of the industry’s top media outlets and magazines are helping us spread the news that the Fireball Camaro has once again made the Camaro a contender in the American muscle car game. EXCERPT: If you’re a die-hard American muscle…

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Fireball 10.6 Second Quartermile Featured in Auto Evolution

Fireball Camaro SS 10.6 Second Quartermile

2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS Gets Nitrous After 200 Miles of Ownership, Completes 10.6 Second Quartermile With General Motors packing the C7 Corvette’s LT1 into the 2016 Camaro, certain aftermarket developers wouldn’t wait more than a day before tapping into the engine’s tuning potential. We mean that in a literal sense, with a modded sixth-gen Camaro…

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