2016 Camaro Gets Custom Exhaust Upgrade

For performance and sound we added a custom exhaust to the 2016 Fireball Camaro … and it’s beautiful!

Fireball Camaro New Custom Exhaust

Custom Exhaust Installed on Fireball Camaro

As we mod and tune our cars – and yours – you’ll have questions and will want to be a part of what we are doing. We’re always happy to explain. After posting about the new exhaust on Instagram – NEOH2NING asked why we don’t use a straight pipe to the actuator?

Ryan Martin, a member of the Fireball Team from B&R Performance explains, “The factory has a 90 degree bend on the stock muffler, and is only 2 inches. We used 2.5 inch tubing that is set in the factory location. The actuator is only 2 inches so it really doesn’t flow any better if it was straight. It’s mainly being used for sound. The rest of the exhaust is 3 inches with no kinks which flows better than the factory stuff for sure.”

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